Creator of ArangoDB

About Us 

Formed in June 2004, we are a provenance of innovation in the fields of complex information systems and state of the art, web-based e-business solutions―covering the special requirements regarding performance, scalability, and security of B2B as well as B2C.

We develop and implement solutions for complex IT systems that are able to provide a magnitude of real time data (high performance databases). Our solutions close the circle from established “relational databases” to recent “not only SQL database technologies” optimized for scalability and performance, which can be easily integrated in approved architectures, thus enhancing your established business applications or opening up completely new ones. Our expert business knowledge grants smooth migration paths, reducing our clients’ investment risks.

In addition to our range of products, we offer substantial consultancy services in the scope of project portfolio management, project management, agile change management, requirements management, architecture, implementation, as well as performance and test analysis. We’d like to support you in creating and establishing perfectly matching processes and methods.

All of our services are supported by a highly qualified and very experienced staff on behalf of a wide choice of enterprises. Drawing from this broad spectrum of know-how, our experts can provide your enterprise a perfect matching solution including its technical realization and its subsequent implementation. During the course of the project we’ll take care of your portfolio management, requirements management, and project change management. The coordination of all necessary tasks in trustful collaboration with the client creates the needed transparency regarding project status and success. We excel at generating state of the art technological solutions and possess expert knowledge of recent, agile software development processes like RUP, OEP, and Scrum and their respective control modes.

Over the past years, the Open Source Community was technology’s most innovative incentive. We not only are part of this community but make our products available as Open Source and encourage our staff to get into it.

The Commerzbank AG, i.e., ranks among our clientele. On their behalf we have designed a database optimized for a high data volume to cope with the MiFID regulations (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) of the European Union. On behalf of DKMS gGmbH (German Marrow Donator Database) and of Mustad International Group we have developed the concepts for the conversion of their technical systems. We have created the memory-based Olap database (up to release 3.0) on behalf of Jedox GmbH (available as Open Source project called Palo).

Recently, we demonstrated our competence in the areas of architecture, design, implementation, and project management creating the Deutsche Post AG’s E-POSTBRIEF (verified electronic mail exchange service). Due to the curse of the project triAGENS was helping Deutsche Post to change from a traditional process to an agile methodology.
Additional roles like Release Management and  Scrum Master have been staffed with triAGENS personal during the project.

triAGENS was able to prove another time its competence in software architecture and design at the German publishing house Burda . We provided the software architecture for different subsidiaries of the Burda enterprise.

At German car leasing company Lease Plan we take responsibility for the business analysis as well as the architectural design. Beyond that we support Lease Plan to implement the new enterprise system by staffing the development team.

Amongst others there are  well-known companies like Mustard, Commerzbank, DAB Bank, NYSE Euronext or DKMS on the triAGENS’ client list.